How to Hack Online Casino Software

You’ve now given up and resorted to cheating, but we won’t judge. Here we divulge the biggest casino secret that is so glaringly obvious, we’re amazed we are the only ones sharing the online casino’s little secret that they do not want players to know about. Here’s how to hack the casino’s online software.

Part One: The Online Casino

First, you need to find an online casino to hack, so take your pick from any of the top ten found here. All casinos are built the same way, so it doesn’t matter where you register, the principle is all the same. In fact, the more casinos you sign to the easier the process of winning big will become and all to be revealed at the end.

The best and worst casinos are made with the same program, there is no getting away from the fact so it is something you will have to accept. The online casino is run by a system called the management tool, what this tool does is store every bit of data regarding what the player plays.

It knows every spin you have made, the amount, the time and the code! It knows what your favourite games are, it knows what you spend per game and per spin on average. It knows what you have lost and what you have won. The algorithms in this management tool are also working in conjunction with the casino games you play.

Part Two: The Casino Games

The games are built with similar algorithms to the management tool. They work in harmony to help build a player profile, what this does is determine when you win and how much you will win. If you have won in the past, it will determine how much you will lose. It stores all the same data, so it knows what you can afford to play and spend and what you can afford to lose because it knows how often you play and yeah, the whole picture is set for your success and downfall. If you wish to test this, you can. Click here and pick a casino, register and play any online slot. Before you spin note the default amount on the game. On your last spin lower the wagering to 0.10 and exit the game after it is done.

Leave the casino for 2 or 3 weeks, go back to that game and the wager setting of 0.10 will still be there. So why does it not default? Because the casino and game are building your profile!

Part Three: The Hack

How to hack the system. Very easy to do. The goal is to clear your data. So, here are the steps to take after you have registered with your new online casino.

  1. Play new online games only. These will be indicated by the lobby menu. New games are more popular, they have more money going in and, therefore, more money comes out!

  2. If you win a BIG WIN or a win from within a bonus round. Set the wager to the lowest amount and exit.

  3. Move onto the next new game and repeat.

  4. Cease playing when you notice that your profits have lowered to 80%.

  5. Cash out, log out and exit the casino.

  6. Clear your cookies, browser history and cache. Uninstall the app if playing from this.

  7. Wait 4 weeks.

  8. Re-install the app, sign in and head to any of the previous games you played.

  9. Notice the wager setting is back to its default value.

  10. Play and repeat from step 1.

This is the only way to hack the system, legal, easy, safe and very rewarding!